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Know About AuthorSuccessful as an author, created and published books on applied yoga techniques...

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Ashok Wahi
Highlights of Accomplishment
Successful as an author, created and published books on applied yoga techniques.
  • Improve Your Golf with Yoga Techniques
  • Yoga Techniques to Help You Quit Smoking
  • Yoga For All Americans
  • Yoga for Kids
  • Yoga for Dads
  • Yoga for Moms
  • Yoga for High School Students
  • Yoga for Teachers
  • In addition, Spanish titles Yoga Para Principantes’ and Yoga Para Nino’s are both currently under pre-print.
  • Co-authored a fiction novel - The Vital Breath 110,000 words. A love story of reincarnation spanning two lives, promoting yoga and non-violence.
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Honors, 1970 from Thapar College, Patiala, Punjab, India
  • M.S. Operations Research, 1976, from Polytechnic Institute of New York, NY
  • Creator of a revolutionary patented Topical Gel for Allergy Relief. Visit for more information!
  • Licensed Professional Engineer (NJ & NY) since 1982
  • Married for 26 years, wife, Neelu, President and co-owner of Princeton Design Group, Inc.
  • Residents of NJ since 1980
  • Two daughters,{Aikta, 22, Junior year at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC in Public Health and Kanika 20, Sophomore, Rutgers University, NJ}
  • Born (1-1-1950) and raised in New Delhi, India. Completed BS (ME) in India at age 20.
  • Immigrated to the US in August 1974 to pursue MS (OR) in New York. Moved to NJ in 1980 after living six years in Manhattan.
  • Actively involved in church, civic and charitable activities. Contribute to and support numerous non-business and non- profit activities.
  • Supports and mentors younger students and professionals.
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Ashok Wahi
B.S. (M.E.), M.S. (O.R.) and P.E.
Author, Engineer and Inventor
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